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Smoky Pintos

Posted in cooking, pressure cooker, southern on January 23, 2010 by debord

Adapted from this recipe I found at Don’t add salt while cooking! This was plenty salty on its own from the turkey wings. You can omit the beer and use water instead, but I thought it was pretty damned tasty.

3 smoked turkey wings
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 medium onion, coarsely minced
1 lb. pinto beans, soaked overnight
1 12 oz. bottle of lager beer

Place turkey wings, garlic and onion in pressure cooker. Add water just to cover. Bring to high pressure and lower heat just so pressure is maintained for 15 minutes. Quick-release pressure under cold running water according to your pressure cooker’s instructions.

When pressure is released, remove lid, avoiding the escaping steam to prevent burns. Remove the turkey wings from the pot and set aside. To the cooker, add beans and beer. If necessary, add enough water to cover the beans by 1″.

Replace lid and return to high pressure for 4-6 minutes. Quick-release pressure once again. If beans are not done, replace lid and simmer (without bringing to pressure) until they are tender. Chop desired amount of reserved smoked wing meat and stir into beans. Use caution – the meat is salty!