ash wednesday.

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I wish everyone a meaningful lenten season – whatever that might translate to for you. I’m still figuring out what it means to me – it’s the part of the liturgical calendar I still struggle with the most, and probably get the most out of.

Unrelated: Great website that Bittman tweeted about today: Not Eating Out In New York


NJ Indian Food

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To the uninitiated, New Jersey may appear to be a culinary wasteland. Scratch under the surface. Leave the Turnpike. You’ll be shocked at the wonders you find.

To wit: today I felt like I hit the progressive jackpot of indian food at this little joint, Balaji Express, [note: website is chock full o’ broken links].  Promptly raved about it on Yelp where it didn’t even have a listing yet.

Tonight: Killarney’s Publick House in Hamilton. Stay tuned.

More SD Taco Shop obsession

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On a recent trip back to San Diego, I discovered what may be my favorite new taqueria. El Tio Alberto is certainly nothing fancy – settled in the sidebar (literally) of a tiny strip mall with a defunct Kragen, I would have never seen it if it weren’t for Yelp.

The prices are cheaper than the Roberto’s across the street, and the terribly kind woman running the place with her husband is making the food herself. And it tastes like it; the carne asada is lean and flavorful, the chicken enchiladas – oh, man, you’ve just got to taste it. The catch: they’re not a 24-hour operation, since it’s small and family run. Check the hours on Yelp.

Refreshing summer goodness

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Cucumber juice

Watermelon Juice


Dash of simple syrup

Combine contents in cocktail shaker with ice; shake. Pour into martini glass. Chill out and enjoy.

Popcorn Update

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My brother got me an *aweseome* popcorn popper called the Whirley Pop. I had read about it before, but had no idea how well it worked; it’s all I use now! A batch of corn with a tablespoon of coconut oil, and you’re set. The pan has been retired.

Damned good popcorn.

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Now that my gut has been fixed via surgery (two times, thank you very much), I can enjoy two of my favorite foods again – nuts and popcorn. Yes, I’ll say it one more time, POPCORN.

It only took a short visit with Orville Redenbacher’s microwave brand to awaken my distate for microwave popcorn. So, on our bi-weekly trip to Wegman’s,  I picked up a house brand bag of popcorn for under $2.

All I did was follow the instructions on the back of the bag for the stovetop method, make some adjustments according to my taste and cooking equipment,  and inhale. Here are some cliffs’ notes:

* Use about 1/8 to 1/4 cup canola or peanut oil – better to err on the side of using too much. You’ll learn with experimentation. Add 3 kernels of popcorn, and crank your stove’s heat; when you hear those three kernels pop, add only enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pan; no more!

* My cheap-ass grocery store saucepan worked better (and faster) for making popcorn than my big Calphalon saucepan; I suspect it has to do with the thinner bottom which allows the oil to heat up faster.

* You HAVE TO KEEP SHAKING THE PAN as soon as you add the popcorn to the pan. Try the pattern of 5 seconds on the heat, 5 seconds off, shaking the whole time. It will be short order before the popcorn starts popping full-bore; when it slows to what you’re familiar with as the ‘turn the microwave off’ point (about one pop every three seconds), turn the heat off and take the saucepan off the burner.

* Melted butter always makes a great topping, but go easy on it. Cooking the popcorn in the oil and adding butter can make it overbearing quickly. Another great topping is tamari sauce applied from a spray bottle. You can also put the popped popcorn in  a brown paper bag with whatever seasonings you’d like. Suggestions: ground cumin, curry powder, Parmigiano Reggiano,  chili powder w/salt – you get the idea.

Enjoy. There is no comparison between real popped corn and microwave. The best analogy I can come up with for you is brewed coffee vs. instant coffee.


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OK, I’ve avoided it until now, but can’t any longer.

If you’re voting next November, you owe it yourself to watch Barack Obama’s speech in Iowa from this past Saturday night. It is, perhaps, the most inspiring speech I’ve seen by a political candidate in my lifetime. Please watch it.